Thanks for visiting the NJ Riley’s Dahlia Farm site.  My web design skills are a little bit rusty and my time to fuss with the site is limited, so this year I am going to ask your forgiveness and ask that you download the pdf file of what is for sale.  My contact information is inside the pdf.

These Dahlias were originally hybridized by Mike and Kathy Iler and were marketed at  They became mine when my husband Neal and me (Janet) purchased the property from Kathy after Mike’s passing.   Unfortunately, much of the documentation of what I might be growing disappeared after Mike’s departure.

Flowers that I have an abundance of, named or otherwise, can be viewed in this PDF:

NJ Dahlia Sale 2023

Named Dahlias that are in limited supply, and Dahlias that have yet to be identified and/or introduced  can be seen in this PDF.

NJ Dahlia Wait List 2023

Thanks for visiting.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you.